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Lower Extremity Arterial Activity

Complete Lower Extremity Arterial Study


In this activity, you are to use your knowledge of hemodynamics and vascular anatomy to construct an accurate preliminary report for the provided results of a lower extremity arterial physiologic exam. This is a drag and drop exercise, that allows you to construct your report by dragging the appropriate words into the appropriate box. Below are examples of how you are to structure the sentences.

Example of single level disease: Moderate iliac-femoral disease.
Example of multilevel disease: Severe multilevel disease involving the femoral-popliteal region.
Example of level indeterminate disease: Mild disease level indeterminate.
Example of medial calcification sentence: Moderate tibial disease by waveform analysis.

If the study is normal, then use the “No evidence of arterial insufficiency” statement.

You place the information regarding the left leg in the “left box”, same goes for the right leg.

If both lower extremities have identical disease, then you enter the required information in the “Bilateral” box.

If there is medial calcification, then place the “Pressure unreliable….” statement in the “Medial Calcification” box.